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From personal experience I know how exciting, but also challenging, the first weeks and months settling into a new country can be. Add to this a new baby, an unknown language and no family nearby and everyone needs a little bit of support!

As much as the search engines can help sometimes it is much easier to have all of the information in one place with recommendations from mums who have already made the discoveries and mistakes for you!

I have gathered information from mothers' groups, both foreign and Danish, and created these pages that we hope will help you and your little one enjoy living in Copenhagen.

The information is divided into two sections:

  • During Pregnancy - where you will find information about antenatal care and giving birth in Denmark, as well as information about social groups and maternity allowance.
  • Early Years - where you will find information about postnatal care for you and your new baby, family allowances and legalities, as well as links to many activities, cafe's and support groups for new mums and babies through to toddlers

If you have found a new antenatal exercise class, a great park or a fun new activity for you or your little one, then I would love to share it with other Mums. Please email me at

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