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Registering Your Newborn and Family Allowances

If you are unfamiliar with the Danish system, it can be difficult knowing how to register your baby’s birth and also knowing what family payments you may be entitled to. The information below will help to make the process more straightforward.

Registering the Birth - Working out how to register the birth can be a little tricky at first. The link offers some info on the registration process. The online form to register the birth can be found here, although this can also be completed at your local Church Office.

The Danish Act on Names - If you want to know if your chosen name is on ‘the list’ of authorized names.

Family Allowances - Information about family allowance in Denmark - Information on all payments available in Denmark (main Danish website).

Postnatal Care and Children's Health

There are two documents available:

Postnatal Care - What to Expect in the Days and Weeks After Delivery

Child Vaccination - Here you will find a document explaining Denmark’s childhood vaccination programme as well as the GP appointment schedule for your child from 5 weeks to 5 years.


All children in Denmark are guaranteed a place in a childcare institution. Options for childcare consist of day nurseries (vuggestue) for children 0-3 years old and kindergartens (børnhave) for children 3-6 years old. There is also the option of using a child minder otherwise known as daycare (dagpleje) that looks after a maximum of four children in his/her own home. Most childcare services are municipal but there are also privately owned institutions. There are also a few international daycare providers.

Applications for all daycare should be completed online via the Digital Placement Service (Digital Pladsanvisning) via although you can contact your local Kommune for more information.


FitBack and Bumps® - FitBack & Bumps® is an exciting new Postnatal Educational Exercise Programme bringing mums together to share their experiences. Pilates-type exercises focus on core strengthening to reduce back and pelvic pain as well as pelvic floor and abdominal work to help to reduce incontinence and flatten your tummy. Visit also for more information.

Fitness DK - Fitness DK offer weekly mother and baby classes at a range of locations. They recommend starting classes after your 8-week GP check and offer a 50% discount to mothers’ groups of four or more that sign up together. Fitness DK also offers free childcare in most of their centres so you can train alone and know that your child is safe.

Pushy Mums - Weekly outdoor exercise classes throughout Copenhagen for both mums and babies. Classes are taught in Danish and your first class is free.

Thai Bo (in Strøby) - There is everything you would expect from a normal Thai Bo class plus lots of pelvic floor work. Babies sleep outside in their pram or are awake in the hall playing around the outskirts. There's always time to attend to the baby during the class. It's a fun way to get fit fast, work any frustrations out and chat with other mums. Classes are taken in Danish but instructor can speak English.

Babes and Babes Copenhagen - A 45-minute weekly outdoor exercise class for mums and babies or toddlers. Each month the classes will focus on a different area of the body.

Activities for You and Your Baby

There is an endless amount of activities and groups that you can join with your baby or toddler. Many are specifically for international mums or others will have dedicated classes taught in English.

LINK Playgroup for All - Held every Wednesday morning 9.45-11.30 at Hellerup Church Hall, Margrethevej 9, Hellerup. All babies, toddlers and preschoolers with their parents or careers are welcome to enjoy the toys, singing and company of other parents.

Rygaards Playgroup - Held every Monday morning 9.15-11.15 in the canteen at Rygaards School, Bernstorffsvej 54, 2900 Hellerup. All babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with their parents or carers are welcome and you do not need to have children at Rygaards School. "Come along for a play, a chat and a cuppa – meet other families and make new friends!" For more information please email

Jordemoderhuset – Mum and Baby Yoga - A blend of postnatal yoga and baby yoga with instruction in English for new mothers which you can participate in from 4 weeks post delivery (or 8 weeks post c-section) until your baby starts crawling.

Jordemoderhuset – Baby Massage - Jordemoderhuset offers a lovely 4-week massage class which teaches you the techniques and theories of massage for babies. You can start the class once your baby is 4 weeks old. Classes are in Danish but the midwives are usually happy to speak English if you contact them before signing up.

Cinema (Baby Bio)

Many cinemas offer special screenings for parents and babies. The set up varies a little between cinemas, however, the theatre is lighter than normal to allow you to access your baby essentials and the film is quieter to allow your baby to sleep (hopefully)! Some cinemas will even keep an eye on our baby if you would like to leave them sleeping in their pram outside the theatre.

Here are some of the cinemas operating Baby Bio showings:

Fisketorvet - Wednesday at 10am - free tea and coffee too!

Empire Bio - Wednesday at 12noon - choice of two films each week

Park Bio - Friday at 10.30am

Nordisk Film Biografer - Thursday at 10am

Indoor Play Areas

On a cold winter’s day it is good to have a warm and dry indoor playground where your little one can burn off some energy.

Blegdamsremisen - A fantastic FREE play area in Osterbro. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30-12noon it is open for babies and little ones under 3 years without any older children.

Capella Play - Play area on the 2nd floor of Fields Shopping Centre for children of all ages.

Dino’s Legeland - A theme park and play area for children 0-14 years. They have a play area specifically for young children between 0-3 years, so they can play safely without being disturbed by the older children. There is a climbing frame with lots of soft play, sea of balls and a small slide.

Puff’s Legeland Funtasia (Rødovre) - A play area in the middle of Rødovre Centrum Shopping Mall

Post and Telegraph Museum - A FREE play area inside the museum.

Rhythm, Music and Movement Groups

There are a few different music classes in English at various locations across the city. Each one has a different emphasis and style so there will likely be something to suit your requirements.

KidsKorner Music & Movement Group - Music & Movement is an informal class in English held every Friday morning 10-10.45 at Hellerup Church Hall, Margrethevej 9, Hellerup. Each week they have a different theme and will sing songs, listen to music, play instruments and hear a story related to that theme. All babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers are welcome with their parent or carer.

Musmik - MusMik music school provides English based classes for babies and toddlers. The class instruction and songs will be in English. They sing songs, nursery rhymes, dance, do knee rides, swing the babies, use coloured scarfs, blow bubbles, use small rhythmic instruments and much more.

Jordemoderhuset- Rhythmic - This class is about singing, dancing and other physical activities so that the baby can develop an awareness of its body and experiment with its motor skills. Classes are for various age groups from 3 – 12 months.

Stimulastik - Stimulastik is gymnastics and stimulation for babies from 0-12 months. It is developed by Occupational Therapists and aims to encourage motor, movement and coordination skills.

Tumlastik - Tumlastik uses games and activities for babies and their parents to help babies in the different motor stages that they go through in the first year.

Greenspaces and Playgrounds

There are so many parks in Copenhagen and surrounding areas I couldn’t name them all! This webpage already lists all of the green spaces and provides the option to search for areas that are great for children.

København Kommune webpage - Information on a number of parks. Please note the page is in Danish.

Bondegården Remisen (City Farm with Playground) - FREE small city farm with chickens, ponies, pigs, cows, rabbits and goats. You can take spaghetti to feed the goats. Outside play area and sand pit too.

Baby Swimming

Many of the swimming pools around the city offer swimming classes for babies, however, there is only a few which provide classes entirely in English.


Kildeskovshallen - or email Sue Allingham at

Social and Support Groups

Having a support network when you have a newborn is extremely important. There is a variety of International Groups for mums in Copenhagen.

The Stork Club - The Stork Club is a support group for women wishing to become pregnant, those who are pregnant and those who have given birth in the past three years. Seven experienced leaders work with the group and are available for advice and consultation. Email for more information.

Meet Up - Visit the link to find groups in your area. There are quite a few different Meet Ups for mums and mums-to-be in and around Copenhagen. International Moms in CPH have a regular weekly meet up for bumps and babies in the city.

First Aid Courses

Rode Kors - The Danish Red Cross (Rode Kors) offers a 4 hour first aid course specifically for treating children.

Child Friendly Cafés and Restaurants

Going out for the first time with your new baby can be a daunting experience, therefore, it helps to know which cafes and restaurants will make you feel welcome and have the facilities that you require.

Madmanifesten - Madmanifesten is very welcoming to children of all ages. They have a children and baby menu and a play area too.

Laundromat Café’s - Laundromat Café’s are very child friendly with toys, highchairs and a changing area.They also welcome breastfeeding.

Magasin – Kongens Nytorv - Magasin at Kongens Nytorv has great children’s area on the 5th floor with tables and highchairs, a microwave, a quiet area for feeding and space for children to play.


Here you will find a mix of information that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.

Familieskolen - Familieskolen offers a range of classes after birth and for parents and babies although provision in English varies.

Sundhedsstyrelsen - Lots of information about babies, children, families and health but all in Danish

Sjov for Born - Here you will find all attractions and activities for children in Denamrk. Playgrounds for children, natural beauty, water parks, zoo and wildlife parks, museums and much more and you may sort the search by area, by activity, by budget or by child's age.

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