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Unfortunately, as Fiona no longer lives in Denmark, the FitBack and Bumps® classes are currently not available. The Website and Blog, however, will continue to be updated with new information and resources.

If you are a licensed physiotherapist and would be interested in running FitBack and Bumps® classes in Denmark, please either email Fiona on or contact FitBack and Bumps® directly at to find out more.

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Fit Mums in Denmark has been developed as a result of my own experiences of having my first baby and to returning to work as a physiotherapist all whilst living as a non-Dane in Copenhagen.

I was extremely fortunate to find a wonderful international mothers’ group within my first month of staying in Denmark.

Many of us had our babies within a few weeks of each other and most of us lived in a country with none or only a few family members around. Through a shared lack of sleep, eagerness to do the best for our little ones and a strong desire to find a good coffee in a baby friendly café we soon became pretty close!

Over the following year we all supported each other, with those more familiar with the Danish system guiding and supporting the newbies. But we found the same questions coming up over and over again:

  • How do I register the birth?
  • Can I start running again - and if so, when? 
  • Will my pelvic floor ever be the same again? 
  • Is it ok to breastfeed in a particular cafe?
  • How do I sign up for daycare?
  • What can I do with my baby on a cold and wet winter's day?

And the list went on...

It was through my desire to dip my toe back into the world of work and also to make life a little easier for other new mums or mums-to-be in Copenhagen that FitMums was born.

fitback and bumps

FitBack and Bumps®

An exciting new Educational Exercise Programme bringing new mums and mums-to-be together to share their pregnancy experience.

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one on one

Fit Personal

FitBack and Bumps® antenatal and postnatal classes can come to you at a time and location which fits into your life.

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corporate fit

Fit Corporate

FitBack and Bumps® can come to your workplace, to teach our antenatal and postnatal educational exercise programmes.

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Fit Talks

Fiona is available for presentations or workshops at your mothers’ group, work place or any gathering of new mums or mums-to-be.

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Through the FitBack and Bumps antenatal and postnatal programmes I aim to educate and inform women about the physical challenges and changes their bodies go through in the childbearing year. The exercise classes aim to remove the fear you may have about exercising during and after pregnancy as well helping you to be prepared for the physical demands of birth and looking after a baby. Using core-strengthening exercises the programe reduces back and pelvic pain and helps you to get back into shape post baby.

In addition, FitMums in Denmark provides a variety of information that will be useful within the child-bearing year and beyond. In Fit for Motherhood you will find the most up to date health information about common conditions associated with pregnancy and birth. Fit Mums in Denmark provides a wealth of information covering playgroups, parks and playgrounds, support groups, exercises classes and much more!

If you have recently visited a great café or found a new park and think other Mums would also like to know about it then please get in touch via Facebook or email

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